The oenologists

Roser Amorós

Roser Amoros

Roser Amorós


Roser Amorós is an oenologist graduated in the University "Rovira y Virgili" of Tarragona. Originary from the "Conca de Barberà", actually resides in Poboleda (Priorat where she has worked in various particular vineyards). She is currently working in six appellation d'origine: Priorat Montsant, Penedés, Conca de Barberà, Ribera de Duero, Navarra.


Josep Garriga



Josep Garriga is a wine maker cause he loves his job and has second degree studies in wine making. After University studies in communication, marketing and primary education he decides to take on the dream of a family: elaborate his authentic and own product. In here starts the company Mas Garrian s.l. and its wines Mas del Camperol and Clos Severí­.