The wine aging process

The aging of our wines is carried out in an air-conditioned cellar which can hold up to 75 wineskins in two levels high. The wineskins are from a different origin and mix the french and american wood. Our usual suppliers, usually from France, also work their product with the cure of the craftsmen. The barrels are of 225 litres of the freight kind and the internal toasted are normally of the lowest dregree so that the fruity wines are not excessively marked with bouquets and tastes too much toasted. Our first wine "Mas de Camperol" is only made with new french oak while the Clos Severí takes advantage of the wood from the second year for having a reducing aging in wineskin wich does not mark the wines too much and allows, therefore, that the bouquet and tastes of the fruit are well relieved. The aging uses to be between 10 and 12 months.