Variety selection adapted to the location

The selected varieties by the elaboration of our wines belong to the traditional varieties of the Priorat: the Garnatxa and the Cariñena are the base from which we initiate our plantation. These autochthonous varieties applied over the ........... of proved resistance and with a clonal selection of half and low production, give fruits of a great quality and moderate production (of about 1Kg to 5Kg per plant). Other improving varieties such as the Cabernet Sauvignón were planted 25 years ago and they are some of the firsy experimental examples of these varieties in the region. The Syrah was incorporated 10 years ago for increasing the taste and the colour of our wines. Finally, 6 years ago, we added also 3000 plants of Merlot. In the years of low rain the autochthonous varieties are the ones which adapt better and survive the intense summer with temperatures of more than 50ºC from the sun. Therefore, with the fusion of these varieties we obtain rich and complex nectars, very well structured and with a high tasty and aromatic potential.